How to make free ringtones for iPhone or any other mobile phone using our online service.

So, from something in mind to something in kind. Let us begin...
    1 step. For the beginning you need to decide Ė from which primary file you would like to cut the best part of the song. Actually there are three options:
    a) You already have needed primary mp3-file (or it could be other format of audio file). In such case you just have to download onto our server using special form: browse button opens search dialog window and upload button send your file direct to our site. Note that upload speed depends on your own internet-connection speed.
    b) You have direct link to primary audio file which is located on other website. In that case you have to copy the link into special form on our site and then press the upload button. The uploading would take approximately 5-10 seconds.
    c) You donít have primary audio file in your computerís storage or link to primary file in other online resources. Then visit, find there video with needed audio parts or full song, copy pageís address to the special form on our website and press the upload button. Our site would download the video by itself and then cut the audio track. Uploading speed from YouTube service and deriving of audio track depend on the primary file size and its compression method. Usually such procedure takes from 20 seconds up to 3-5 minutes.
   2 step. Then listen carefully to audio track in another newly opened dialog window and choose a particular part you would like to cut. Do not forget to determine the exact time of beginning and ending of desired audio part, by the way using this option in our website you are able to identify needed time up to 0,001 seconds. Furthermore we suggest you such option as gradual increase of volume since the beginning of audio file towards its ending, you just need to tick that option in the dialog window by noting length of such process. This effect will be available for listening only after your editing is done. So just press the OK button and listen what have you created.
   3 step. So, editing is over and now you are listening to your creation. You can go back to all previous steps and re-make the file if there is something you do not like in the current one. IF everything fine then just choose format of ringtone which is supported by your phone model (in case you are happy owner of iPhone, then you chosen format should be only m4r) and downloaded created unique ringtone to your computer or directly to your mobile. Watch online tv-series on 123 movies . . fraud brighter trade . viagra generic
    With the help of modern technologies which are being used by our website it became very easy to create your own ringtone for iPhone or any other model of cellular phone. Can you imagine, you donít even have to register on our site? Right away you can make three simple steps towards getting your own unique ringtone in just few seconds, three steps and it is ready for downloading.
    Moreover, software that we use on our website not only keeps a fine quality of sound, which you got earlier by cutting it out from initial file, and its audio parts, but tries to even improve it as much as possible. We are also glad to announce that there is no need for you to transform ready ringtone in compliance with your particular cellphone type Ė we are happy to offer you opportunity to download it in any of five formats most common for modern mobile phone and smartphones. Have you bought your Samsung, Nokia, HTC or any other cell phone brand not earlier than ten years ago? Then you can be sure that our website would have audio format of ringtones which are made exactly for your phone type and model. Nonetheless, if you bought cheap mobile phone from any of small flea markets and not in legally registered shop, then your handphone probably is able to replay only simple polyphonic melodies. Then guys sorry but our website doesnít contain any of midi-files and you will never be able to find them here.
    - And most important: do not forget to add our online service to your favourites! Believe us, it will be useful for you in future a lot! And in fact donít forget as well that our site not only can be used for ringtonesí creating but also give you a chance to cut needed audio part from YouTube video and then to download fully with high quality of sound and chosen format. Check your browser.
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